Effective communication between parents and teachers is essential to the well-being of every child. As such we ensure all our avenues of communication remain clear, simple and consistent.

Checking the classroom bulletin boards are quick and easy ways for parents to stay informed. For our littlest ones, parents also receive a personalized “Daily Report”.

In our effort to be more eco-friendly, every attempt is made to be as “paperless” as possible. Email notices and communications are sent out on a regular basis. All important documents, for reference, are also posted in the “For Parents” section of the website.


Each month, parents receive a detailed calendar to keep them informed of all the upcoming themes, events and other important information.

Menus are posted in the Nutrition section of our website.


Tracking the progress of each child is essential to ensure that they are meeting all those important developmental milestones. After setting the goals for the children and the classroom in the fall, our educators do regular observations of the children and record these observations in the event that they need to be used to signal any developmental delays with parents.