At CPE Lachine, safety and security of the children and the staff, is paramount.

Security systems require codes or fobs for parent’s entry into the centre. Our child pick up policy is strictly enforced to ensure only those who have parental permission are allowed to pick up children.

As with all licensed daycare facilities, we receive an operating permit from the Ministere de la Famille which requires us to ensure that our facility, equipment and toys are safe and clean. Even our outdoor playground was designed and built to ensure safety.

We follow a strict regime of cleaning toys, equipment, and our facility. Our children are also taught to practice good hygiene and staff is dedicated to ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment.

All Educators are qualified in Early Childhood Education and follow the CPE Lachine Policies and Procedures. Each staff member is required to have a criminal record check every three years and as well First Aid Certification.

Incident reports involving children are carefully documented. Parents receive a copy and the original is kept on file at the center.

Outdoor play means taking time to apply sunscreen every day.