Delicious and Nutritious!!

Our healthy lifestyles nutrition program is one of the ways we’re helping active minds & bodies grow. Our nutritionist-certified breakfasts, lunches & snacks have also undergone the most rigorous taste testing of the food critic industry…. our children! Each meal and snack is tasty, peanut-free, and nut-aware made with fresh ingredients and nutritionally balanced.

We prepare our food on site and the vast majority is made ‘from scratch’ by our cook. Our kitchen is spacious and well equipped with ample storage.

After an active morning and as it gets closer to lunchtime the aroma of freshly cooked, delicious food is in the air. It is no surprise that our kids are ready and excited to sit down with their educators and enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal!

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Spring and Summer Menu
Fall and Winter Menu


As an allergy-sensitive/aware and peanut-free facility, we work with parents to ensure their children’s dietary needs are met.

Our menu is carefully planned and we select ingredients and prepare foods that are nut free.

Educators are made aware of any allergy that a child has and allergy lists and photos are posted in each room and recorded in the kitchen. All our staff are educated to recognize symptoms of allergic reactions and receive training on the administration of epinephrine (Epipen). Educators integrate into their program healthy habits for all the children so they can understand why their friends cannot have certain foods or other allergy related limitations.

Medication and Health policies are designed to ensure that children properly receive prescribed medication from qualified educators. Medication administration is always carefully documented, as prescribed by law.